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Research Area: Integrated Water

Our Objective

SIWM takes a holistic approach to wastewater, stormwater, drinking water, and reclaimed water to achieve the goal of “One Water”, or Integrated Water Management (IWM). WE&RF’s IWM approach includes a portfolio of centralized and decentralized systems, a mix of gray and green infrastructure, increased recycling of water and nutrients, and resource recovery implemented at a variety of levels. Working collaboratively with other water organizations and partners, WE&RF aims to provide guidance through demonstrations, best practices, and decision-making tools for a paradigm shift towards sustainable water management. These new systems offer economic opportunities for both public and private sectors, as well as increased social and environmental value for the community. SIWM incorporates the climate impacts on water quantity and quality that will enable communities to analyze risk tolerance and address climate resilience.

The key areas within WE&RF’s Sustainable Integrated Water Management (SIWM) program are: integrated water, stormwater, watersheds, decentralized systems, and climate impacts on water quantity and quality.



Latest News

Stormwater and Forestry Project Survey
WRF’s project, Incorporating Forestry into Stormwater Management Programs: State of the Science and Business Model Evaluation for Nutrient Reduction and Volume Control (#SIWM12C15), is conducting research to better understand the role and impact of trees/forests in stormwater management programs. If your utility has a stormwater program, please take this brief survey.
Request for Proposals for Onsite Non-Potable Water Systems Project
The Water Research Foundation is seeking proposals for research entitled Development of a Design, Operations, and Regulations Guidance Manual and Training Materials for Onsite Non-Potable Water Systems (#4909).
Keynote Speakers Announced for the 2018 Water Research Foundation Conference
The Water Research Foundation has announced the keynote speakers at the 2018 Research Conference on advancing reuse and integrated water.
Research Contract Awarded to Understand Implementation of Stream Restoration Crediting Guidance in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (now known as The Water Research Foundation) recently awarded a contract to the Center for Watershed Protection (Ellicott City, Maryland) to begin “Crediting Water Quality Benefits from Stream Restoration: Implementation of Case Studies in the Mid-Atlantic Region” (SIWM-17-17).
Water Innovation in the Face of a Changing Climate - the Atlantic Council
This article identifies WE&RF and other organizations that are on the frontlines of innovative change that work to disseminate applied research and technology advancement in the water industry.

Products & Tools

Crediting Water Quality Benefits from Stream Restoration: Implementation Case Studies and Potential for Crediting Guidance Application (SIWM17-17/4844)
This report highlights municipality experiences with the Chesapeake Bay Program stream restoration crediting protocols in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and examines feedback from states outside the Watershed regarding WRF’s stream restoration crediting guidance.
Finding and Adding Agricultural BMP Performance Studies to the Agricultural BMP Database (STAR_N6R14/4857)
This project examines the AgBMP Database in a number of geographic areas so it can provide federal, state, and local environmental agencies with quantitative information on the effectiveness of individual best management practices for addressing sediment and nutrients.
Recommended Operation and Maintenance Activity and Cost Reporting Parameters for Stormwater Best Management Practices Database (SIWM22T17/4851)
This document provides recommendations for standardized O&M activity and cost tracking protocols for use by local governments and a tool to enable better understanding of types of maintenance activities and frequencies necessary for various BMP types.
Joining-Up Urban Water Management with Urban Planning and Design (SIWM5R13)
This project investigates the key inhibiting and enabling factors in coordinating efforts across the urban planning, design, and water management sectors.
User’s Guide for Integrated Stormwater and Wastewater Planning (SIWM9R14)
Provides information that communities should consider in determining if an integrated plan is right for their community.