Become a Test Site

WE&RF gives its subscribers priority to participate as test sites in all WE&RF research. This opportunity gives subscribers access to developing technology and processes that may not be available to the public for several years.

How to Get Involved

To volunteer your facility or to learn more, contact Amit Pramanik, WE&RF Chief Innovation and Development Officer, at 571-384-2101.

Make Your WE&RF Subscription Even More Valuable

Did you know that many subscribers are really able to leverage their relationship with WE&RF by collaborating on unsolicited research, providing in-kind donations, and participating in peer reviews? Several subscribers have taken advantage of one or more of these opportunities. For example, the City of Greencastle, Indiana received a high-quality, national, independent analysis for their study Documenting the Effectiveness of Greencastle, Indiana's Private Property Inflow and Infiltration Policy through the WE&RF peer review program.

WE&RF offers peer reviews for research conducted by subscribers. A WE&RF peer review can help to promote scientific validity and provide other subscribers with useful information. Subscribers may select peer review to ensure that completed work is technically and scientifically correct, competently performed, and on par with quality assurance standards.

This example, at the request of the City of Greencastle, WERF performed a peer review of the City’s private property inflow and infiltration (I/I) policy. The policy requires certified inspectors to document that privately owned properties do not contribute excessive rain water to the sanitary sewer system. This study quantified the benefits achieved by a municipality and its community after implementing a private property I/I policy.

Do you have a similar story or do you want to share how you have leveraged your relationships through WE&RF? If so, please email