Advisory Councils

Research Advisory Council (RAC)

The Research Advisory Council (RAC) oversees the Research Priority Program on behalf of the Board. The Council provides technical recommendations to the Board regarding the research priorities (issues and challenges) to be addressed under the program, as well as the specific objectives to be achieved for each of these priorities. The RAC is also responsible for selecting and funding projects under the program.

Mark Knudson
Tualatin Valley Water District

Cathy Bailey
Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Pinar Balci
NYC Department of Environmental Protection

Alex Coate
East Bay Municipal Utility District

Randy Conner
Chicago Department of Water Management

Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD)

Yvonne Forrest
City of Houston

Donald Gray, Ph.D.
East Bay Municipal Utility District

Chance Lauderdale
HDR Engineering

Ron Lovan
Northern Kentucky Water District

Fred Nenninger
Metro Vancouver

Cleveland Water Department

Per Henrik Nielsen
VandCenter Syd (VCS), Denmark

Jim Pletl
Hampton Roads Sanitation District

Rolchigo, Ph.D.

Utilities, Inc.

Rob Teegarden
Orlando Utility Commission

Rhodes Trussell
Trussell Technologies, Inc.

Art Umble, Ph.D.

Whit Wheeler
City of Raleigh, NC

Ken Williamson, Ph.D.
Clean Water Services

John Willis
Brown and Caldwell

Public Council on Water Research (PCWR)

The Public Council on Water Research (PCWR) advises The Water Research Foundation’s Board of Directors on such things as pertinent social issues, the public perception of research needs, public reaction to utility contributions for research, and any other socioeconomic topics deemed significant to the Foundation. 
Michael Markus
Orange County Water District

Association of Clean Water Administrators (ACWA)

Doug Farquhar
National Conference of State Legislatures

Jessica Godreau
Public Water Supply Section of NC DEQ 

Daniel Hall
Missouri Public Service Commission

Christine Hoover
PA Office of Consumer Advocate

Edward Osann
Natural Resources Defense Council

Jennifer Peters
Clean Water Action

Andrew Sawyers
EPA Office of Wastewater Management

Suzanne van Drunick
EPA Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Research Program

Academic Council

The Academic Council (AC) advises The Water Research Foundation’s Board of Directors from an academic perspective. The Council’s input includes, but is not limited to, emerging topics and potential research areas; ways for the Foundation to better engage the academic community; recommendations on potential Foundation partners and collaborators; and, input on the Foundation’s research programs, initiatives and activities.

Michael Markus
Orange County Water District

Nicholas, Ashbolt
University of Alberta

Amy Childress 
USC Viterbi

Glen Daigger
University of Michigan

Andrea Dietrich
Virginia Tech

Jörg Drewes
Technical University of Munich, Germany

Charles Haas
Drexel University

Richard Luthy
Stanford University

Carol Miller
Wayne State University

Robert Pitt
University of Alabama

Sybil Sharvelle
Colorado State University

David Stensel
University of Washington

Michael Stenstrom

George Tchobanoglous
UC Davis

Manuel Teodoro
Texas A&M University

Daniel Van Abs
Rutgers University