Responsible Management Entities Guidance Fact Sheets

ImageAcross the U.S., there is a need for more businesses that successfully manage decentralized systems. Decentralized systems are increasing in prevalence as an option that delivers sound economic, social and environmental outcomes, if effectively managed.

The resources below provide guidance for successfully establishing and running organizations that manage decentralized wastewater systems -- Responsible Management Entities, or “RMEs.” (See Fact Sheet 1 for further explanation of RMEs).

Decentralized wastewater systems include the collection, treatment, and dispersal or reuse of wastewater from individual homes (such as septic  systems), clusters of homes, isolated communities, industries, or institutional facilities at or near the point of waste generation. (CIDWT Decentralized Wastewater Glossary 2007)

The fact sheets can be used by existing RMEs seeking to improve their operations, prospective RMEs considering setting up, and other individuals and organizations looking to enter the decentralized wastewater field. The fact sheets serve different audiences by enabling navigation from three angles:

"Which way is up?” These focus on local context and how conditions in your area influence your determination of what organization works best.
"What does it mean for me?” These are tailored for different kinds of organizations.
“How do I . . .?” These step through the basics of some key business tools and how they apply.

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Getting started
with this resource
Which way is up?       

What does it mean for me? 

How do I ...? 
Guide to the fact sheets Fact Sheet 3: 
How regulations work
in this sector
Fact Sheet 5: 
Operating successfully as a governmental organization
Fact Sheet 8: 
Writing and updating your business plan
Fact Sheet 1: 
What is an RME and why do we need one?
Fact Sheet 4: 
Business structures and models
Fact Sheet 6: 
Operating successfully as a private RME or service provider
Fact Sheet 9: 
Projecting your financial requirements

Fact Sheet 2: 
Working within the local context

                                 Fact Sheet 7:
Developers, designers, homeowners' associations,
and contractors
Fact Sheet 10: 
Marketing: Making your services known             

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