Request Peer Review

WE&RF's peer review program provides individual projects with high-quality, national, independent analysis. The program allows a scientific or technical process or product to be independently critiqued by experts in the field. Peer review assesses a project’s research assumptions, design, methodologies, quality control documentation, data analysis, conclusions, and reports or other products.

WE&RF offers this process for research conducted by subscribers to promote scientific validity and provide other subscribers with information that will help them in their own facilities. Subscribers may select peer review to ensure that completed work is technically and scientifically correct, competently performed, and on par with quality assurance standards.

When selecting peer review projects, WE&RF uses various criteria to ensure that both the project being reviewed — and subscribers — will benefit. Successful peer review projects are research or demonstration projects that:
  • complement other WE&RF research endeavors;
  • have technical merit;
  • have sufficient funding to complete the project; and
  • will produce findings with regional and/or national applicability.

The cost of WE&RF's peer review program makes it an attractive option for subscribers. WE&RF seeks to cover only out-of-pocket expenses — such as volunteer and staff travel to the research site once per year; minimal staff time necessary to coordinate and manage the process; and overhead.

Peer reviewers represent professionals from industry, government, design and engineering firms, and the scientific and academic communities. Peer review panels are made up of representatives selected from these areas, and all representatives have experience in the project subject.

For more information, contact Amit Pramanik at 571-384-2101 or at