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Request for Proposals for Onsite Non-Potable Water Systems Project
March 15, 2018 (Alexandria, VA) – The Water Research Foundation is seeking proposals for research entitled Development of a Design, Operations, and Regulations Guidance Manual and Training Materials for Onsite Non-Potable Water Systems (#4909). The project will build on the National Blue Ribbon Commission’s “Guidebook for Developing and Implementing Regulations for Onsite Non-potable Water Systems”, and develop a design and permitting training program for design engineers, operators, utilities, regulators, and technology providers of onsite non-potable systems.

Onsite systems represent a paradigm shift in thinking about the implementation of water reuse. A major barrier to onsite reuse has been addressed through the development of appropriate water quality standards for onsite non-potable water systems. A previous WE&RF project (Risk Based Framework for the Development of Public Health Guidance for Decentralized Non-potable Water Systems SIWM10C15) established log reduction targets for the removal of pathogens such as virus, protozoa, and bacteria, based on multiple types of alternate water sources and end uses. Onsite non-potable systems that meet the risk-based log reduction targets involve the use of multiple pathogen barriers with continuous online monitoring and verification of performance goals. This project will help ensure that all stakeholders involved with onsite non-potable water systems are sufficiently trained to achieve the necessary degree of public health protection and operational sustainability.

The proposals should develop guidance manual and training program for engineers and operators designing, operating, and monitoring onsite non-potable water systems, regulators permitting the systems, and utilities working with community stakeholders to implement onsite non-potable programs. The goal is to educate the designer, operator, regulatory, technology supplier, and utility communities on appropriate treatment and monitoring requirements to achieve the log reduction targets.

Proposals are due by April 10 by 3:00 PM MT and should be submitted to


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