U.S. EPA Sponsors Free Access to WaterISAC Security Resources

Information on infrastructure protection strategies and all hazardous threats is vital to the security of wastewater utilities. In an effort to get this important information into the hands of the men and women who help keep these facilities safe, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Water Information Sharing and Analysis Center (WaterISAC) is offering 12 months of free access to WaterISAC’s Pro service.

WaterISAC Pro’s secure online library contains more than 2,000 white papers, best practices, three different chem/bio contaminant databases, vulnerability assessment tools, research reports, and more.

This opportunity is available to staff of wastewater utilities of all sizes, water association employees, state environment and homeland security agencies, and circuit riders. These personnel may sign up at www.waterisac.org

WaterISAC, established in 2002, is a nonprofit water-sector organization in support of infrastructure protection.

A Secure Host for WERF’s Security Research

WERF, under a U.S. EPA security grant, has completed 12 projects that address the wide range of security issues wastewater treatment facilities face as they prepare for potential disruptions or upsets of treatment systems. WERF has partnered with WaterISAC to securely disseminate this important research.

WERF subscribers can access these reports by registering for WaterISAC’s basic service, which is free of charge. This basic membership, however, does not provide access to the additional documents, databases, and tools offered under the WaterISAC Pro service.

For more information on WERF’s security-related research, visit us online at www.werf.org/security or contact Amit Pramanik at apramanik@werf.org.

April 15, 2010