WRF Intelligent Water Systems Research

This chart lists completed reports and ongoing research efforts for WRF's Intelligent Water Systems program. To search for older reports on sensors, go to www.werf.org/search and enter "sensors", "intelligent water systems", or another related topic, or enter a project or report number if you know it.

 Completed Projects

Executive Summary (PDF)


 Year Completed

Designing Sensor Networks and Locations on an Urban Sewershed Scale

  SENG6R16/4835   2018
Leveraging Other Industries – Big Data Management Phase II

   SENG7R16/4836  2018

 Compendium of Sensors and Monitors and Their Use in the Global Water Industry

   SENG1C11  2014

Ongoing Research

Expected Completion
 Utility Analysis Improvement Methodology    LIFT17T16 TBD
 Workforce Skills of the Future   SENG5R16  TBD