WRF Resource Recovery Research

This chart lists completed reports and ongoing research efforts for WRF's resource recovery program. To search for older reports on sensors, go to www.werf.org/search and enter "resource recovery" or another related topic, or enter a project or report number if you know it.

 Completed Projects

 Title Executive Summary (PDF)
Project Number  Release Date
Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Wastewater

  NTRY8R15b/4824  2019
Integrated Management of Animal Manure Wastes: Nutrient Recovery, Bio-Fertilizers, Enhanced Biomethane Production and Management Tools

  STAR_N3R14c/4856c   2018
Technologies for Dairy Nutrient Recovery: Evaluation of Low-impact Ammonia Stripping with Bio-Fertilizer Recovery and Support for Technology Decision Making

  STAR_N3R14b/4856b  2018 
Sustainable Struvite Control Using Residual Gas from Digester Gas Cleaning Process

   NTRY9T15/4825  2018
Tool for Evaluating Resource Recovery (TERRY) – Nutrient Recovery from Agriculture

   STAR_N5R14T/4898  2018
A Multi-Platform Approach for Recovering High Value Carbon Products at Water Resource Recovery Facilities

   NTRY4R14  2018

Production of Bioisoprene from Wastewater

  NTRY6R14/4822  2018 
Advancing Anaerobic Digestion of Wastewater Solids and Food Waste for Energy and Resource Recovery: Science and Solutions – A Framework for the Practice of Co-Digestion

  ENER20W17   2018
Assessing Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emissions from Biofilm Systems

  U2R10   2018
Manure Resource Recovery Co-Digestion with Fats, Oil, and Grease

   STAR_N3R14a  2017
A Blueprint for High-Tech Analysis of Low-Tech Methods for Sustainable Class A Biosolids Production: Phase 1

 Download NTRY11T15   2017
Beyond Nutrients: Recovering Carbon and Other Commodity Products from Wastewater

   NTRY3R13  2017

Producing Value-Added Biopolymer from Methane Gas Generated by Water Resource Recovery Facilities

 Download NTRY5R14  2017 
Towards a Renewable Future: Assessing Resource Recovery as a Viable Treatment Alternative – Innovative Approaches for Performing Extractive Nutrient Recovery

  NTRY1R12c  2017

Advances in Recovering Plasmids from Wastewater – A State of the Science

 Download  NTRY8R15a  2016

State of Knowledge and Workshop Report: Intensification of Resource Recovery (IR2) Forum
  TIRR1R15  2016 

TERRY-P Tool: Tool for Evaluating Resource Recovery – Phosphorus

  NTRY1R12t  2015
Towards a Renewable Future: Assessing Resource Recovery as a Viable Treatment Alternative – Case Studies of Facilities   

 Download  NTRY1R12b  2015

Towards a Renewable Future: Assessing Resource Recovery as a Viable Treatment Alternative: State of the Science and Market Assessment

 Download NTRY1R12a  2015

State of Knowledge of the Use of Sorption Technologies for Nutrient Recovery from Municipal Wastewater

   NUTR1R06x  2015 

Resource Recovery from Wastewater: A Research Agenda

   NTRY2C13 2014
Nutrient Recovery: State of the Knowledge


Ongoing Research

Expected Release
Extraction of Lipids from Wastewater to Produce Biofuels

   U3R13 TBD
High-Quality Biosolids from Wastewater
Fact Sheet

   NTRY7R15  2018