Ebola Research Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below you will find FAQs from a series of recent WE&RF projects investigating the Ebolavirus and its impacts on wastewater treatment systems, plant operators, and sewer workers. Research topics include potential for exposure to Ebola virus surrogates aerosolized from wastewater systems, protecting wastewater treatment plant operators from emerging pathogens, risks from Ebola discharge from hospitals to sewer workers, and the survival of surrogates for Ebola in sewage and wastewater treatment.

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Potential for Exposure to Ebola Virus Surrogates Aerosolized from
Wastewater Systems

  Protecting Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators from Emerging

  Risks from Ebola Discharge from Hospitals to Sewer Workers (PDF)

The Survival of Surrogates for Ebola in Sewage and Wastewater Treatment (PDF)