WRF Desalination Research

This chart lists a portfolio of WRRF reports and ongoing research efforts for WRF's Desalination program. The timeframe is primarily from the past five years of research from the former research foundation (WateReuse Research Foundation). 

NOTE: To search for WRRF reports that are not on this list, please use watereuse.org/research.

 Completed Projects

Executive Summary (PDF)

Project Number

 Release Date

Multi-Mode Filtration System for Wastewater Recovery and Desalination
   U5R15  2018
Use of Heated Metal Oxide Particles as Adsorbents for Membrane Fouling Reduction in Water Reuse and Desalination Applications    Reuse-14-09  2017
Database of Permitting Practices for Seawater Desalination Concentrate
  DESAL-13-07   2016
Evaluation of Natural Gas to Reduce Carbon Footprint and Energy Cost for Desalination
   WRRF-13-05 2016 
Emerging Desalination Technologies for Energy Reduction
  WRRF-11-04  2015
Application of the Bioluminescent Saltwater Assimilable Organic Carbon Test as a Tool for
Identifying and Reducing Reverse-Osmosis Membrane Fouling in Desalination

   WRRF-11-07 2015 
Development of Public Communication Toolkit for Desalination Projects
   WRRF-12-02 2014 
Investigation of Desalination Membrane Biofouling
  WRRF-08-19 2014
Improvements to Minimize I&E of Existing Intakes
   WRRF-10-04  2014
Regulatory Workshop on Critical Issues of Desalination Permitting
   WRRF-10-03 2013 
Consideration for the Co-Siting of Desalination  Facilities with Municipal and Industrial Facilities
  WRRF-06-010d  2013
Pilot Testing Pre-Formed Chloramines as a Means of Controlling  Biofouling in Seawater
   WRRF-09-09 2012 
Reclaimed  Water Desalination Technologies: Performance/Cost Comparison EDR & MF/RO
  WRRF-08-17 2012 
Feasibility Study of Offshore Desalination Plants
  WRRF-06-010b  2012 
Characterization of US Seawaters  & Development of Standardized Protocols for Evaluation of
Foulants in Seawater RO Desalination

  WRRF-06-14 2011
Seawater Intake Systems for Desalination Plants    WRRF-06-010g  2011
Post Treatment Stabilization of Desalinated  Water
  WRRF-06-010f 2010 
Assessment  of the Potential Presence of Chemical Contaminants in Water Produced by
Desalination Systems
Salinity & Brine Management
Desalination Concentrate Management Policy Analysis for the Arid West
   WRRF-11-09  2015 
Selection of Salt, Metal, Radionuclide, and Other Valuable Material Recovery Approaches
   WRRF-10-09  2015
Minimizing Concentrate using Advanced Oxidation Biofiltration and Ion-Exchange Pretreatment for Electrodialysis Reversal
  WRRF-12-10   2014
Continuous Flow Seawater RO System for Recovery of Silica-Saturated RO Concentrate
   WRRF-09-12 2013
Development of a Knowledge Base on Desalination Concentrate and Salt Management
   WRRF-07-02 2013 
Selective Salt Recovery from Reverse Osmosis Concentrate Using Interstage Ion Exchange
  WRRF-06-10 (Phase E)   2013
Salinity Management Guide: The Links Between Soil, Salt and Recycled Water
  WRRF-03-12   2007 
Beneficial and Nontraditional Uses of Concentrate
   WRRF-02-06  2006

Ongoing Research

Executive Summary (PDF)

Project Number

 Release Date

Performance and Cost Review of Existing Desalination Plants which use Conventional and
Membrane Pretreatment Processes Prior to RO

   WRRF-14-07 TBD

Methodology for Assigning Pathogen Removal Credits for Sub-Surface  Desalination Intakes

   WRRF-14-06  TBD

Case Study of the City of Carlsbad and their Experience with Integrating Seawater Supply in
Municipal Distribution Systems

  WRRF-15-06  TBD