Biosolids: Our Goal

Land application of biosolids necessarily involves risk assessment and communications, involving all concerned stakeholders, especially when considering pathogen issues. The goal of the biosolids challenge is to incorporate advancements in risk assessments and risk communications into methodologies, and facilitate their application by utility managers, land appliers and public administrators at the local, state and national levels.

Wastewater utilities, land appliers, regulatory agencies and public administrators will employ state-of-the-science, practical, locally applicable pathogen risk assessment and communication approaches, with methodologies tailored to a variety of conditions. Appropriate risk assessment methodologies will accommodate varying levels of expertise and resources. The input data will quantify differences between a range of biosolids land application practices.

Strategic risk communications require an increased understanding of the relevant issues, information and actions. Stakeholders are much more likely to be satisfied when they are provided all pertinent information and are encouraged to participate in the decision-making process.