Asset Management Web Seminars

Capital Improvement Program Project Validation and Prioritization

View Presentation (Windows Media) | Recorded January 18, 2012

Capital investment is one of the most important decision processes a utility faces. The stakes are very high. Poor decisions – and especially wrong decisions – will likely prove very costly. The right decisions – those recommended projects in which there is high confidence that they are the right investment at the right time – result from high-quality capital project development processes coupled with high-quality data.

Validation is built on several core elements of asset management: level of service, business risk exposure, confidence levels, and business cases. Once validated, the next step is to rank order a group of projects based upon a defined set of criteria where those criteria reflect values of the organization. This presentation will discuss this process and will be followed by a demonstration of WERF’s CIP Validation/Prioritization tool.

Managing Business Risk Using WERF's Strategic Asset Management Practices and Business Risk Exposure Tool

View Presentation (Windows Media) | Recorded Wednesday, May 18, 2011
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This web seminar discusses WERF’s research on overall organization leading asset management practices, focusing on business risks faced by utilities. It highlights utilities that are leaders in the area of managing risk, provide examples of practices that make them leaders, and demonstrate how these concepts are applied using the newly released Business Risk Exposure (BRE) tool. Worked examples are presented and discussed.

WERF Strategic Asset Planning Leading Practices and the Level of Service Tool

View Presentation (Windows Media) | Recorded Wednesday, September 14, 2011
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Utilities are operating blindly if they make strategic decisions about assets without understanding the level of service required of the asset. To avoid the waste inherent in under-serving or over-serving, utilities need to know the level of service required by their stakeholders – all of their stakeholders. This web seminar will provide insight into how understanding service levels supports strategic decision making and will give you a look at WERF’s Service Level development tool.

Assessing Current Asset Management Practices Using SAM GAP

View Presentation (Windows Media) | Recorded Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It is said that good management comes from asking the right questions. But when it comes to strategic asset management, knowing which questions to ask isn't always easy. WERF research has developed a web-based asset management gap analysis tool – SAM GAP – that not only asks the right questions, but provides guidance when your first question is, "Where do I start?"

SAM GAP can assist asset management practitioners of every level of expertise determine where their asset management practices are relative to the best run organizations, their peers, and most importantly, what is reasonable and relevant for their utility. This web seminar features a discussion of the SAM GAP tool and how you can benefit by using it to raise your level of asset management practice.